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Australian Chinese Jockey Club (Sydney) Spring Charity Race Day

The Australian Chinese Jockey Club ( Sydney ) had a successful "Spring Charity Race Day," a remarkable event took place on Saturday, 2nd September 2023 at 12:00 noon at the Conservatory Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney.

The Spring Charity Race Day was not only an exhilarating celebration of horseracing but also a platform to support two esteemed organizations: the Westmead Institute for Medical Research and the Australian Nursing Home Foundation. Australian Nursing Home Foundation has been the model provider of culturally appropriate residential and community aged care in Australia for 40 years. Their services ranges from Aged Care Homes, support at Home, Senior Housing, Volunteer Services, Senior wellness Centres and Respite Care.

The Westmead Institute for Medical Research is situated in Westmead and is home to more than 45 research groups concerned with a wide range of human diseases and conditions. The institute is closely affiliated with the Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney.

The Australian Chinese Jockey Club ( Sydney ) raised $20000 for the Westmead Medical Research Institute & topped up $5000 from the previous $45000 for the Australian Nursing Home Foundation.

Australian Chinese Jockey Club is proud to support the two organizations through the Spring Charity Race Day in their tireless pursuit of excellence in medical research and to provide the best Quality Care for the Elderly in the Community.

We take this opportunity to thanks the event sponsors, ACY Securities and Community Broker Network, Diageo Rare and Exceptional, Ferrari Sydney, Australian Turf Club, Fairfax & Roberts, Heng Fai Trading, Lee Kum Kee Company for their generosity in supporting the Spring Charity Race Day.

We also expressed our gratitude to our corporate sponsors New Zealand Bloodstock and AltX for their ongoing support.

Last but not least, we are so excited that ACJC new horse *Just Fine* won his Australian debut at Randwick in the same day.


澳洲華人賽馬會(悉尼)Australian Chinese Jockey Club ( Sydney ) 於 2023 年 9 月 2 日星期六中午 12:00 在悉尼皇家蘭德威克賽馬場舉行「春季 慈善賽馬日」。春季慈善賽馬日不僅有令人振奮的賽馬慶祝活動,也同時支助兩個受人尊敬的組織:韋斯特 米德醫學研究所和澳大利亞療養院基金會。 40 年來,澳大利亞療養院基金會 Australian Nursing Home Foundation 一直是澳大利亞文化適宜的住宅和社區老年護理的模範提供者。他們的服務範 圍包括老年護理院、家庭支援、老年住房、福利服務、老年健康中心和臨時護理。

韋斯特米德醫 學研究所 Westmead Institute of Medical Research 位於韋斯特米德,擁有超過 45 個研究小組,涉 及廣泛的人類疾病和病症的醫學研究。該研究所與悉尼大學悉尼醫學院有密切相關。澳洲華人賽馬會很榮幸能通過春季慈善賽馬日支助這兩個不懈追求卓越醫學研究,併為社區長者提供最優質的護理受人尊敬的機構。

我們為 Westmead Medical Research Institue 籌得$20000,並在月前的$45000 基礎上追加$5000給 Australian Nursing Home Foundation.

我們藉此機會感謝活動贊助商 ACY Security 和社區經紀人網路 Community Broker Network

帝亞吉歐 (Diageo) 稀有且卓越,悉尼法拉利,澳大利亞賽馬俱樂部,Fairfax & Roberts,

恆輝貿易, 李錦記公司 感謝他們對春季慈善賽馬日的慷慨支持。

我們也向我們的企業贊助商表示感謝新西蘭 Bloodstock 和 AltX 的持續支持。

更令人高興的是我們的馬 Just Fine在騎師 Rachel King 的策騎下,當天在 Randwick 馬場勝出他的澳州首秀,大家都高興地渡過了一個有意義的周六

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